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The law at this present time states that no more than 6 dogs can be walked together at once. At Paw Dayz we want to ensure the best quality of walks are given for your dogs, therefore, we have a policy walking no more than 5 at any one time. Groups are carefully selected with breed, sex and personality in mind.
We collect your dog from your home/place of work at the agreed time set by you and then return them to your preferred drop off point after the walk.
No. Most clients feel comfortable sharing a set of keys with us to enable us to collect and drop off your dog even if you’re not at home.

Yes, but please contact us to discuss.

Please contact us by telephone or text message giving us as much notice as possible.

In the very unlikely event of an emergency, we will immediately call and notify you. In the original consultation we ensure that we have all the family emergency contact details. If veterinary assistance is required, we will take your dog to the vets you specified in your original consultation, or depending on the circumstances, to the nearest possible vets.

Yes, and DBS checked. Feel free to ask us for a copy of our certificate.
We mainly walk dogs in the parks in North Leeds which include Roundhay Park, Meanwood Park, Golden Acre, Temple Newton and Hetchell woods. If we were to walk in another location we would consult you before doing so.
If you decide to leave your keys with us we ensure that they are kept safely, and away from any personal information we hold on you. In the event of your keys being lost or stolen we will advise you immediately. Your personal information will never be sold or discussed with any 3rd parties in accordance with Data Protection Act.

We get wet! We will clean and dry your dog but we do ask that you leave a towel out.

It depends on your preference, but generally yes! If your dog is a bit rusty on their recall, then we will happily keep them on a long lead, ensuring they can still run off and have fun. We will only let your dog off the lead once we have your consent to do so.

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